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A thriving litigation lawyer in the heart of Weston Mount-Dennis. Well-known for running high-profile cases. I represent Plaintiffs and Defendants from all walks of life.

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We take on serious issues that include but are not limited to: homicide, fatalities, legal counselling, human rights, employment disputes, First Nation issues, labour disputes and whatever else you feel you are in trouble with.

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We will sit down with you and review your case and coach you on the best way possible to deal with your legal matters.

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In addition to legal expertise, we also have political capital. IN addition to legal work, we can find other solutions through creative advocacy and activism.


We have been in advocacy and activism for over 15 years, and have organized events and rallies in support of those seeking justice. We have earned several awards which include the YMCA Canada Peace Medal.


We represent before
the Courts and Tribunals
in the following languages:
English, French, Spanish,
German, Tigrinya and
American Sign Language (ASL)


Aside from attorney-client privilege; we will always adhere to our duty as lawyers to keep your case and private matters confidential.

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We will work tirelessly and as fast as we can, to get you the justice you deserve.


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